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3 Factors of Successful Partners Seeking Arrangements

When you look at the world of individuals seeking arrangements, you can see that there are many different styles of relationships. From the Barbie type women with the 70+ year old man, to the couple that looks just 15-years apart, the possibilities are endless. The three factors that make for the most successful partners in a short term relationship like this are:

  1. If your personality is a turn off to a sugar daddy, or vice versa, then it can create a bad dynamic between the two of you. Most men want someone who flows with their own personality. They don’t want to feel agitated or annoyed by your behavior. You can assess a lot about the personality of another person on the first date. This gives you the chance to say “no thank you” if you just don’t jive.
  2. Personal Upkeep. Men look for women who go above and beyond in terms of personal upkeep. This means a healthy diet, fitness routine, and generally top notch selfcare. If you aren’t willing to spring for a monthly haircut and color, manicure/pedicure, or wax – then your upkeep doesn’t look as appealing as the next woman’s. These investments in yourself show that you care about how you look for him, and that means something.
  3. Needs/Wants. Lastly, any successful arrangement is going to require that the needs and wants of both parties are understood and met. It is very important to talk about these different aspects of your arrangement up front and be very specific. For example, if you are interested in financial compensation, you should address to what extent you need it. If you are interested in traveling, then you need to outline your boundaries for such. If he is interested in accompaniment to events, then his expectations of your appearance and performance should be clear.

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