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Do Boom Beach Cheats Ruin The Game?

Games like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are a lot of fun, but sometimes the “freemium” model can be very frustrating. Most people avoid cheats for their games because they think the cheats might ruin the game for them. But when it comes to Boom Beach cheats, there are a lot of benefits to “cheating” that actually enhance the game.

When you play Boom Beach without the use of cheats you are forced to play the game the way that Supercell want you to play it. What this means is that you often will need to spend real money whenever they decide they want you to spend it. And, believe me, they really want you to spend as much money as possible!

Supercell are also very, very good at getting people to part with their hard earned cash. They made over $5 million a day in 2015 – think about how many people spent their cash on diamonds in order for them to make that much money!

The way Boom Beach makes all of this money is by knowing how to make the game very fun to play, but also incredibly frustrating! Supercell set the game up like this so that they can offer you the chance to buy yourself out of that frustration by buying more diamonds. Everyone who has played Boom Beach will understand how tempting it is to spend cash to make the game fun again.

Boom Beach cheats are different than cheats for other games because they don’t take away from the game or the gameplay. The “cheats” that you use are only cheating in the sense that actually paying for diamonds is also cheating. All they do is save you from dipping into your pocket in order to buy the things you need to continue to enjoy the game! Boom Beach cheats don’t ruin the game – in fact, they actually make the game much more fun.

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