Izquier Fight

Fighting Pets and More

World of Warfare game now offers »pets« that combat each other. Violent games such as this one meet objections in themselves and this feature raises additional concerns as in real world, forcing animals or people to fight would be even more cruel than fights between two persons who wanted it. Nevertheless, this is just a game and characters are not alive. Most players understand the difference between virtual and real life and for those, the risk of transferring violent behaviour from games to real world is low. The same applies to movies, like World of Warcraft movie that is being filmed, featuring the characters from the game.

To get those pets, you have to buy wow gold first or earn it with tasks in the game and then exchange this virtual currency for a pet. Less than a year ago, World of Warfare introduced a cute new pet and promissed to donate all money earned this way for American Red Cross’ efforts to stop Ebola. So you can do something good by playing games!

Developers say you need all the WoW Gold you can afford to win against the scariest creatures they have made, like bosses of Highmaul. It is needed to get certain characters (warriors), tools and expansions, like entering a new land. WoW Gold alone is not enough to win nor is the speed: you have to develop skills. An example of a feature you cannot buy (although you need WoW gold for the quest) is selfie camera that was added to the game after selfie craze appeared. You can only obtain and upgrade it by completing some tests which are rare but easy to complete once you start them. Like in real life, where money cannot and should not be able to buy everything.

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